Friday, August 3, 2012

Introductions please...

 Halloween, the supernatural, the paranormal, extraterrestrials, jungles, nature at its finest, and although, potentially there are some, I can't think of more fascinating things. Painting them, sculpting them, dreaming them, discussing them and living them. It seems my mega-super-ultra-awesome-nuclear-fission to the max wife and I have these things chronically on the brain. That, and our children.
 Hello readers, I am Tommy and that is my wife Jorda. She is my ONE in 7.03 billion. (currently... the number grows every minute) This is our first blog together. It's my first blog ever...
  Anyway, we are Artists. with a capital A.
 Human beings. (mostly)
 Did I say Freaks?
 We are muses to each other. Not a minute goes by that we aren't bouncing ideas, making plans, and putting them to reality.(whatever that is) That is, when we aren't cuddling. When we aren't cuddling the paint is flying. The blood flies too. We are both tattoo artists as well. In this blog, I'm sure you will see so very much in the way of painting, tattoos, pics of incredible places, fantastic flora and fauna and crazy things on the road to eternity that your head will spin. So sit back, turn off your television, better yet, throw it out the window, grab some popcorn (pan made, of course, never microwaved) and enjoy the ride...

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