Thursday, August 30, 2012

The queen of Halloween

I have never met anyone who loves Halloween as much as I do. It shows in her style, it shows in her taste and it shows in her artwork. When she's not writing or painting for Hawenland, she may tell you about it herself one day, in the meantime, I will share with you her Halloween awesomeness!
 First we have "Halloween Kitty", a cute little feline having fun in a pumpkin patch. It measures 4 x 4", done in acrylics over canvas. It will go up here for sale soon...
Next, "Spirit of the Harvest" a soulful spirit of Autumn roaming wistfully under a full moon night. It measures 6 x 8", done in acrylics over canvas. It has recently SOLD in her Etsy store.

This one is painted over stretched canvas, measuring 4x5
inches! And is a super cute mini painting! Titled "Halloween 
Boo" it is an original painting, not a print, signed and dated, 
sealed in gloss varnish, sides are painted and is ready to hang. 
Made with acrylic paint, glow in the dark paint and love. The
effect of the glow in the dark paint is very beautiful at night.
Still available here at her Etsy store!

"Halloweens Dream Night" is what this next little beauty is titled. It features her signature big eyed style doll with bats and a pumpkin under a glow in the dark starry moonlit sky. It painted in acrylics over a 7" circular wood panel. It is available here at her Etsy store, but it won't last long, they never do!  
And lastly, for this post, this little witch is executed in mixed media consisting of some collage, stamping, glitter, glow in the dark paint, watercolors and acrylics done over a 6 x 6" wood panel. It is appropriately titled "Spirit of Halloween" and is her first in the series of 365 Dolls. Still available at her Etsy store, but not for long!

Jorda rocks my world and her talent never ceases to impress me. Hope you enjoyed her work and this post. Thanks for coming by and checking us out! See ya soon!!!

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